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Building Products, Inspiring Technology.

Hi, I am an Expert Software Developer having professional experience of 3 years providing automation solutions to business and individual clients as per their business and personal requirements.

I am the founder and owner of my online business

I have extensive experience in providing optimized solutions keeping track of the latest technology for over 3 years and Helping individuals and businesses to build their products, backboned with the latest technology.

I provide AWS Cloud Solutions and SaaS using best AWS practices, delivering power-packed software at optimized pricing!

Embracing Web3 by developing Python Powered Dapps, Blockchain Integration, and smart contract development.

I am skilled in providing solutions in cross-platform environments, whether it is a mobile application or web-based application, I got your needs and requirements fulfilled.

I use the Rapid Application Development model for my software architecture, So the client can scale their requirement any time they need.

Skills offered :
web 3 Dapps using
Mobile application development
AWS Services (EC2, S3, Amplify, Lambda and etc..)
Automation Using Python - Selenium Toolkit (head/headless web automation)
Software Development - Python Packed Desktop Application
Telegram Chat Bot - (python-telegram-bot module)
Fullstack Web Application Development. - (React.js/HTML, CSS + DJANGO)
Machine Learning with Python.

Do Contact me, Happy To Assist You.

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Black Diamond

My Story

Well, I started this with one thing in my mind to break out of the traditional career path everyone chooses, I always have this thought in my mind that I am spending 16 years of my life in education, school, and getting a degree, the first thing I should do is to use all these education for myself and build something out of it!

So, in the final year of college graduation in the year 2019, I started freelancing, putting all of the knowledge I gathered till now!

I have worked with entrepreneurs all around the world, have built products from scratch, and have done things I never thought I am capable of!

Now, with a professional experience of 3 years, building products and inspiring technology, I looking forward to exploring more potential in me. Thriving and building my own legacy.

Black Diamond


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 8982938400

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