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What is Machine Learning? Understand it with a real world example!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Machine learning is the ability of machines to learn from past experiences and predict future outcomes. Therefore it is an art to teach machines how to learn from themselves.

Past experience is nothing but DATA. The information about anything is known as data. It can be in structured and unstructured forms.

But why do we want machines to learn by themselves? Well, it has a lot of use cases in our daily lives.

Usually, the size of data is so huge that for normal human beings it is impossible to identify patterns and predict necessary results. Hence building a machine learning model will automate this task and helps us to identify patterns.

Let's understand ML with an ice-cream business!

I love eating ice cream, one day I went to a shop owner he was very sad because it was bad for him, he had no customers on that day, but he prepared a lot of ice cream, hence he suffered a huge loss on that day.

So I helped him to make a prediction on the number of ice creams he should make daily.

I took him previous data like weather, temperature, isSchool, isPark, isHoliday etc. I compiled those details into the dataset and pass that dataset through my ML model. Now my model, depending upon the algorithm will learn the pattern.

Now shop owner passes the unknown data on a particular day, and he is able to accurately p

redict the number of ice cream he should prepare on that day so that he can gain maximum profit.

This kind of task is impossible to do manually, but it is easy to do by machines.

Apart from this, there are various day-to-day applications of machine learning.

  • Smartphones detect faces while taking photos or unlocking themselves.

  • Banks using Machine Learning to detect Fraud transactions in real-time

  • Recommendation system.

  • Spam detections in mail

There are various kinds of machine learning models that have different use cases in different situations.

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