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Everything you need to know about iPhone 15, Series 9 Watches and Airpods

Apple has launched the iPhone 15, which will go on sale on 22 September 2023, retailing between $799 and $1,199. This new product was unveiled on Tuesday at Apple’s headquarters. Apple hopes to make it to the top of customers’ wish lists during the upcoming shopping holiday season.

Some of the key things to note from the announcements are that Apple has launched iPhone 15, which has a sporting 6.1-inch display, and the iPhone 15 Plus, which has a 6.7-inch display. This is similar to their predecessors. The higher-end iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have an “action button” that will replace the mute switch that can be customized for different functions. These phones will use titanium, replacing stainless steel on the sidebars.

These new iPhones will also have USB-C charging standard switching from the current Lightning port. This aligns with European law, which requires phones to have standard charging ports. This new USB-C connectivity is a big plus for iPhone users because they will have an easy time transferring videos from their phones to their hard drives.

All these phones in the class of iPhone 15 will have a 48-megapixel camera. The iPhone Pro Max will give a 5X optical zoom with 3X telephoto capability. IPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will get an A16 Biochip, while the A17 Pro Chip will power the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The hardware used in the Pro chips makes the phones ideal for mobile gaming.

In this latest iPhone, satellite connectivity can be used to summon roadside assistance. This is a new feature that was launched in the USA in partnership with the American Automobile Association.

Apple Watches

In addition to the launch of the iPhone, Apple also announced the Watch Series 9 and the second generation of Watch Ultra. These new watches will have the next-generation S9 chip, capable of better animation and effects. This is the first processor upgrade since Apple released the Series 6 line in 2020.

Some of the new features you will enjoy in these watches will include the double tap, a gesture feature that can allow you to control the watch without touching its face, improved brightness, and dictation. The Ultra 2 watches will store more information on workouts and have an improved battery that will last up to 36 hours on normal use and 72 hours on low power setting. The Series 9 watch retail price will start at $399, while the Ultra 2 will start at $799.

The series 9 watch is Apple’s first carbon-neutral product, and from now on, all watch manufacturing will be powered by clean energy. Apple also announced that they will drop leather from all their products, including watches.


Apple also released the second-generation AirPods Pro, which features improved sound quality and doubles the active noise cancellation of its predecessor. These new AirPods will retail at $249. These new AirPods will also come with more ear-tip sizes.

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